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How Is Belgium Living With Its ISIS Returnees?
The country’s policy towards returning jihadists has evolved, and it has security lessons other countries could learn from. But Belgium also has a long way to go in tackling the problems that helped drive many young people towards ISIS in the first place
The Homecoming of Foreign Fighters in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium: Policies and Challenges
In this Perspective, Rik Coolsaet and Thomas Renard comment on the risks posed by returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters, and examine how Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands have attempted to address these risks.

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Children in the Levant
According to intelligence estimates, there are around 1,400 European children in Syria and Iraq, many of them born there. The fate of these children confronts European governments with moral, legal, political, diplomatic and security dilemmas. Governments are divided over the issue, but almost all are reluctant to address it head-on.

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Returnees. Who are they, why are they (not) coming back and how should we deal with them ?
Assessing policies on returning foreign terrorist fighters in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

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Al Walaja: the Palestinian village being slowly squeezed off the map

Al Walaja: the Palestinian village being slowly squeezed off the map